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Product Description

You’ll have campaign success down to a science with the clear, test tube candy container! Here's a cute way to dress up your test tube. With many fill options to choose from, this appealing, clear tube has a white, twist-off cap. The cap is similar to a twist-off, pop cap.

Available Candy Fills:


We now offer Jelly Belly® jelly beans!

Mints: Peppermint, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Raspberry, Wintergreen


A Fills: Mint Sours, Pellet Gum, Mini Bubble Gum

B Fill: Sixlets®, Red Hots®, Nitwitz®, Bubble Gum, Tropical Gum, Fresh Mint Mix Gum, Small Cherry Hearts, Mini Fish, Skittles®, Mike & Ikes®, Hot Tamales®

C Fill: Large Round Peppermints, Large Square Peppermints, Chocolate Corn Nuggets, Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate Sunflower Seeds, M&M’s® Plain, Chocolate Rocks, Jelly Belly®

Corp B Fill: Mints, Sixlets®, Chocolate Buttons, Chocolate Sunflower Seeds, Chocolate Rocks


Corp C Fill: Jelly belly® (call for pricing)

Printed Mints: Square or Round


Between the months of April-September we recommend chocolate, breath strips and heat sensitive items be shipped in an insulated carton with cold packs. This adds $25 (v) per carton. Your order quantity will determine how many insulated cartons containers will be needed for each order and we will let you know on the invoice. Factory is not responsible for shipping costs. We can ship ground to any location within two days shipping from zip code 55121. Any other location will require 2-Day air shipment via FedEx or UPS to insure melting does not occur.

Clear Test Tube Candy Container

Item Number: PMTU

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Product Pricing
100 250 500 1000 2500
Empty $1.62 $1.52 $1.43 $1.36 $1.31 (5R)
Mints $2.56 $2.40 $2.26 $2.15 $2.07 (5R)
A Fills $2.23 $2.08 $1.97 $1.87 $1.80 (5R)
B Fills $2.64 $2.47 $2.33 $2.22 $2.13 (5R)
C Fills $2.86 $2.67 $2.52 $2.40 $2.31 (5R)
Corporate B Fills $2.95 $2.75 $2.60 $2.48 $2.38 (5R)
Printed Mints $3.49 $3.26 $3.08 $2.93 $2.82 (5R)
Product Details
5 1/2" x 1"
2-5/16"w x 1-3/16"h
Screen Printing - 3" w x 2 1/4" h
Screen Printing
Includes One Color Maximum
100 pcs
$ 45.00 (V)
$ 20.00 (V)
Digital Label
White or Clear Label. Includes unlimited number of colors. Cannot guarantee exact color match.
$ 45.00 (V)
$ 20.00 (V)
Production Time
4 business days
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Shipping Information (May Vary Slightly)
Empty: 500 pcs
Empty: 21 x 17 x 11
Empty: 25 lbs

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